Bits – “Finding The One”

I think at least 1 out of every 4 people reading this post will have the exact same issue as I have right now. Finding a bit that suits my horse!!!


I will be honest, it’s a bloody nightmare!! To summarise a long story short about how I stumbled myself into this current issue, from the day I bought Dante, he was always quite mouthy’, what do I mean by this? He is forever going around chewing his bit, mouth wide open, which for me being on the receiving end I find it extremely difficult to keep a steady contact when he starts this v. annoying habit. 


Last week, I had a lesson with my instructor, and through-out the lesson these habits (as I have decided to call them) started again,  finding it very hard to push him on whilst trying to still keep control. He often holds his head up high or sticks his nose out carrying the bit in his mouth fighting & resisting the contact from myself, which can be sooo frustrating!!! Anyways, it was suggested that I got his teeth checked ASAP, help rule out every possible issue that was causing him to almost be impossible to ride!


Fully convinced he was getting wolf teeth, (I needed something to be the problem!!) I got the dentist out and surprise surprise HE DIDNT have any serious problems!!! The dentist had informed me that he had a basic check-up, 2 hooks on his left side and a note to say that his molars were still quite immature, but nothing serious that would in any way affect his riding or cause the habits that he was showing. 


To say I felt devastated was an understatement!  The one thing I had in my head as the problem, was not the problem at all. The problem still remains, It still remains a mystery!!


So comes this blog post, have you any suggestions for a good bit to use? 

I have a strong fleshy mouthed youngster who needs a brand new bit to keep him happy!! 



Pictured above are the bits I have tried him in,  I have got the D ring copper roller on him currently, it is the best out the bad bunch! But again his habits are still there, suggested to use on him was a loose ring sweet Iron, my next victim!!


You should also know, he used to wear a flash noseband, some of you may suggest putting it back on him again, but with the flash band, he found it hard to swallow his saliva etc. when he got a foamy mouth whilst riding, so I have kept it off.


At this stage everything is going to be trial & error.

Will I Ever find the one? The bit that makes him fall in love & gain contact? Only time will tell!


Please leave your comments & suggestions below, drop me an email on I would love to hear your advice & suggestions