Working On A Stride – Try A Bounce!

Trying to figure out your horses stride? Doing bounce work with flat poles on the ground as demonstrated in the picture above is key!
We recently tested this out on Coco, and to say she loved it was an understatement!! 
Set Up:
  1. Starting off on a semi circle, using the full width of your school set out 6 ground poles. 
  2. Measured out 3 footsteps between each pole. (Bearing in mind this may need to be adjusted for each horse depending on size.)
  3. Try keeping the poles in the semi-circle shape, this will mean you will need to have slight bend in your canter when using this exercise. 
Go over the 6 poles both on each rein, keep doing the exercise until you are satisfied it is done correctly. 
Go have a look on our Instagram @nobuckingwayblog to look at Coco nail the exercise perfectly!
To make this exercise a little harder, start taking out poles and see if your horse still maintains the steady pace as if the 6 poles are still in the ground! This is a great exercise for control.
Tag us in your videos on Instagram, let us see how you tackled the exercise with your horse!

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