“No Bucking Way Am I Touching That…”

So as some of you have been aware or have been following my dramatic posts on our Instagram page, a few weeks ago Dante had gone through an injury. Well an injury is not quite the word I would use to describe it, more like a violent disturbing growth that even touching it with a pair of Marigolds still made me want to get sick everytime.… 

I purposely waited this long to talk about it as it has taken this long for his treatments to (hopefully) work & come to an end and I have finally built up the courage to write about it & to fearfully post the horrific pictures of what was attached to him. 

I will warn you, the images are graphic & I take zero responsibility to anyone who gags or even gets sick looking at them (Yes, they’re that bad!) 

Have a read below & learn about the additional growth I was faced with, what we thought it was & how we treated it with the help of my yard manager & Troytown Equine Hospital’s vet Hugh Dillon.

The Beginning of The End… 

When I bought Dante, he had two sarcoids, one on the side of his stomach & one under his stomach. They were harmless, they were small & caused no harm when he was being ridden or caused any discomfort to him when he was being tacked up. To be honest they were ignored until anything happened to them & unfortunately that time had come.Photo 29-04-2018, 17 04 12_preview

Directly underneath his stomach, slightly closer to his man bits lay one giant ass Sarcoid. Like I had said previously, on a pain related scale it never affected him. Approx 3 weeks ago I noticed it had started to protrude downwards & slightly open up, so a warning flag was raised. It started to become red, the skin around it dropping & it was slightly bleeding with minor swelling around his stomach area. 

Upon inspection & with my yard manager Joan having a look, we came to the conclusion that Dante had a hernia. 

What is a Hernia?

Hearing the word Hernia, freaked me the F out! Why, well to get rid of a Hernia 99% of the time surgery is involved. The cost of horse surgery, well I bet you can understand why I may have been slightly stressed about it.

An Inguinal Hernia was what we thought Dante had. An awful lot of googling was done to figure out what it actually was as I never had to deal with such a thing before. 

Diagnosing a Hernia is not something that can be done in a standard vetting, as your horse grows into themselves well along grows the Hernia… anyways moving swiftly along. After a few days of looking at “the growth” on Dante, doing my best to keep it Photo 26-04-2018, 15 56 54_previewclean with numerous daily cleans with the hose and applying Botanic Natural Herbal Cream around the area (the feeling of it still haunts me!) I thought it was best to bite the bullet & contact the vet as it was not exactly improving. It wasn’t exactly getting much worse either, so with a few phone calls, & emails sending on the pictures, it turned out he didn’t have a Hernia after all…. 

What was Actually Wrong with Dante?

From ringing the vet and waiting for what seemed like a lifetime, it was Monday evening when I got the news that Dante in fact had a protruding Sarcoid going through a growth spurt, yes even typing that out makes me want to vomit. 

From the moment I knew what it was, I was onto my to make a plan of action to get rid of this inhumane Sarcoid once & for all. I had advised my vet on how I had been looking after it up until this point, that consisted of hosing it down, cleaned it by hand & applying the cream mentioned above. He agreed that I should continue this method until he came out the next day to start his suggested treatment. 

Having arranged for Hugh (Dante’s Vet) to come out on Tuesday the day after speaking to him to examine Dante, the impossible of course had to happen… Dante went for a quick graze after I cleaned his “growth” for me to find he had rolled and took the growth clean off, leaving a hole in its place with a lot of protruding flesh & blood…. I am not sure if this was a blessing in disguise as this meant I no longer had to touch the thing again but according to the vet, it was a very good thing!

We decided it was best to treat it straight away with a Toxic cream, that had to be applied directly by the vet himself over 3 sessions. Upon the vet arriving to the yard, he inspected Dante for his current sarcoids asked for a slight description of the last few days dealing with the growth but he was certain that it was in fact very treatable & NO SURGERY was needed!! Photo 01-05-2018, 16 43 26_preview

With 3 consecutive applications of the cream, the difference was seen almost immediately, the next day both sarcoids had calmed down massively. To my surprise my vet advised that I could continue getting back to work with Dante, no restrictions when it came to riding, to continue everything as normal.

The final application was done last week, Hugh was very positive in the fact that both sarcoids had a good strong reaction to the treatment. I was quite freaked out at the fact that one of the sarcoids has become inflamed underneath but he assured me that this was a very good sign. 

A Few Important Sarcoid Facts to be Aware of

  • Unfortunately there is no magical cure for sarcoids, but treating them as early as you can is vital for a successful up keep. 
  • Geldings are more commonly affected, Sarcoids can develop anywhere on the body most common areas are the chest, groin & face
  • I would advise on getting a vets opinion before diagnosing treatments yourself for sarcoids
  • Once your horse has sarcoids, they will always have sarcoids

So with all the bad news, some good news finally came! Within the next few weeks I should begin to see both sarcoids whiter away with a smooth re-growth of skin growing back over the areas.

One warning from my vet was that if there was any sign of redness, or of any scabs forming on either areas to give him a call straight away to whack some more cream on & to reaccess his treatment.

For now I am delighted to finally put this chapter behind me. And again a massive Thank you to Joan for her tremendous care & for dealing with my copious amounts of screaming and complaining about having to touch Dante’s Lumps in Ballinagappa Stables & to Hugh Dillon in Troytown Equine Hospital for dealing with things so efficiently & reassuring myself with updates on Dante’s progress after each treatment.

Until next time,