Top 10 Unexpected Affordable Horse Hacks

Im not sure about you, but I most definitely love a good horse hack!!

I have learned and picked up a good few tips & tricks over the years, but recently I have come across a number of extremely handy hacks that I live by everyday. Some of these will save you an AWFUL lot of money in regards to your normal equestrian retail prices! 

So have a read below of our top 10 affordable horse hacks, let us know if you have anymore to add by commenting below, who doesn’t love a good hack? 

1. Smyth’s Sand Shovels as Horse Feed Scoopsimage_preview

These shovels are a god send!! They are so handy and extremely affordable. They are available from Smyth’s Toys Superstores.

Disclaimer: Be aware that the scoop itself is not a certain measure for anything, so do take into account certain percentages when feeding your horse! 

2. Gym Wear Legging’s from Primark as Jodphurs

Photo 17-07-2018, 13 49 32_previewJodphurs… one of the more expensive equestrian items to buy. Yes we all like to splash out on a fancy pair of jods every now and again, but when it comes to everyday I have resorted to gym wear from Penneys (also known as Primark)! Not only is it super affordable but their new range of leggings are quite thick too, they are almost identical to your regular pair of Jodphurs! 


3. “Fanny Packs” or Bum bags from PrimarkPhoto 17-07-2018, 13 48 59_preview

Say hello to your hacking best friend!! Fanny Packs or bum bags, there are many words for them, but these are the number one bag to wear whilst hacking! It can be worn around your waist or over the shoulder & it can hold all the essentials, your phone, fly spray a small drink! You can buy these in selected equestrian shops, but you do pay twice the price for them, so why not pick up one from Primark for a very affordable price range of €8 – €11.

4. Grippy Gloves

Photo 17-07-2018, 19 14 46_previewGrippy gloves, I know what you’re all thinking, what the hell are grippy gloves? Well they are cloth gloves with rubber grips on the palms. They are fantastic for scrubbing stubborn dirt off hard to reach places, such as around your horses ears or down the bottom of their legs, they reach places where your grooming brushes wont, and they are slightly less tough on the skin! These gloves retail at approx €10.

5. Vaseline – Healing cutsuntitled3

Vaseline is the holy grail of all things equestrian. It serves so many uses & is one of the most affordable products on the market! Some of its uses include, for healing cuts & grazes it also helps the hair grow back too on those nasty cuts.

It can also be rubbed on the hoof to hold in much needed moisture!

6. Baby Potties – Make do Cavalettis for Raised Poles

Suntitled2ave yourself a few euros & buy yourself baby potties!! They are perfect for raised poles. They do only reach a certain heights, but it is a height that is perfect for anyone starting off with raised pole work. 

Disclaimer: They look hilarious in the arena, go wild & buy bright vibrant colours! 

7. Mounting Block – Empty Drinks Crates Photo 17-07-2018, 19 02 51_preview

Mounting blocks these days are quite an expensive addition to your arena with at basic starting price at €50 plus & thats for your standard two step block. While we do have a proper mounting block in our arena, we have found that empty drink crates also do the job just as well. The price of one of these crates you ask? Well just head over to your local pub on bottle day & ask for an empty crate! More than likely they will be free of charge, but if your feeling generous or if you get a look as if you have 10 heads throw the bar man a cheeky tenner! 

8. Methylated spirits – For hardening horses skin after they have sores

untitled8For those who have horses prone to developing sores such as girth galls, this will be a god send for you. These kind of sores can leave the skin quite thin and sores tend to reoccur.

The best way of preventing this is by dabbing methylated spirits on the area which when used consistently, thickens up the skin and gives it a good barrier against rubbing tack. 

9. Using a toothbrush for cleaning tack


One of my pet hates is tack cleaning, so anything that makes this easier is good in my books. I find that sponges and cloths cant reach those hard to get places so I’ve started using a toothbrush! It gets in and around those pesky D rings, and in and out of those extra punched holes you may have made. All you have to do is dip and scrub!

Warning: When buying a toothbrush for this, make sure to buy a soft headed bristly brush, last thing you want is for your tack to have a lot of scrapes from your vigorous brush cleaning! 

10. Securing your Reins in 2 Seconds

Photo 19-07-2018, 11 34 32_previewThis is a very simple hack for when you need to quickly tie up your reins. If you suddenly find you need to run to grab something before you take your horse out to ride, this is a quick and easy way of keeping your reins from going over your horse’s head. Simply tie your reins between the buckle and the fixer in your d-ring.

Disclaimer: This should only be used if you’re leaving your horse for a very short period of time. If you’re planning on leaving your horse for a long period of time, I would recommend wrapping your reins properly. 


There were loads more we could of added in & I am sure you all have your certain hacks that you go by everyday, some without even realising!

Comment them below, let us know!

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