7 Winter Essentials

Continuing on trend with our “Winter” theme this week, I have pulled together a list of  some equine essentials or should I say some go to items/products everyone needs when it comes to the dreaded change in weather.  

For all you storage enthusiasts, keep reading to see one of my best storage finds ever,  I am quite surprised that I haven’t seen more of these flying around!

Have a read to find out what my Winter Essentials are….

1. Equine America Pro-Pell Plus Solution

Pro Pell plus is a feed supplement to support levels in horses. energy based supplement. Those winter months can put a toll on your horses, from stopping to starting. Recently I felt that Dante had that ploddy/lazy feel about him, introducing Pro Pell plus has made a massive change in him! He has a new lease of life! It acts as a great pick me up, a daily tonic to increase energy levels. with 30ml given a day, it is also great for horses coming out of injury as it contains a lot of vital vitamins & minerals. (Make sure it is used as part of a balanced diet, always read the label first!)

Website: https://equisoc.myshopify.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/equisocireland/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/equisocireland/

2. Equisoc Ireland

An Irish designed Riding Sock brand that has caught my eye recently, not only for their trendy sock prints, but also for there amazing fit, quality & comfort. I mistakenly bought a pair of these socks a few months ago only to be pleasantly surprised & quite trilled by my purchase! They are an equestrian wardrobe staple, Knee high, padded around the foot area & extremely warm! What more can you ask for? And they wont break the bank either! with a pack of two only costing €10.

Website: https://equisoc.myshopify.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/equisocireland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/equisocireland//

3. Natural Herbal Cream

If you haven’t read our review of some of Botanica’s products, well look no further check it out here! The Natural Herbal cream is in particular very good when it comes to mud rash, Dante got a slight touch of it a few weeks ago and a week of using this cream daily & it was gone! This brand is an equestrian MUST HAVE! Any cuts, scraps, swellings, mud rash, you name it & your herbal cream will do the trick.  They are also super afordable, and are a very good investment, not an awful lot is needed, and quick results are seen almost immediately. 

Website: https://www.botanica.ie/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/botanicainternational/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Botanica.International.Ltd/

4. Carr & Day & Martin – Cornucrescine 

The sweet baby jesus of horse hoof care! I dont care what anyone says, I personally dont think there is anything on the market as good as this product when it comes to looking after your horses feet. During the winter period it plays a vital part in maintaining your horses hoot condition, & growth of the hoof. It is best when applying to massage into the cornet band by hand for the best effect, I personally use a sponge!

Website: https://www.botanica.ie/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carrdaymartin/

5. IKEA Storage Rails

Well this one I wouldn’t say is  quite an essential, but it is definitely more of a must for all the organising freaks out there! (yes I am one..) During the Winter months numnahs tend to gather an awful lot more sweat, thrown around the tack room & are often forgotten about in some cases, in turn they end up growing the odd bit of mold due to the damp wet weather, well…. let me introduce to you my new life saviour!! My IKEA rail. It is extremely easy to make, done within 10 minutes (yes I made it myself & it is still standing!) At only €15 to buy, the hangers are an additonal 90c each, it is definitely money well spend! Just look how pretty it looks, and I have so much space for all my bits & bobs!!! 

Link To Rails: https://www.ikea.com/ie/en/products/small-storage-organisers/racks-stands/rigga-clothes-rack-white-art-50231630/
Link To Hangers: https://www.ikea.com/ie/en/products/small-storage-organisers/hooks-hangers/bumerang-trouser-skirt-hanger-chrome-plated-art-60240403/ 

6. Dodson & Horrell Winter Health Mash

I am pretty sure you are all sick of us banging on about The Winter Mash but honestly equestrians of the world, this is the ultimate Winter essential. It is easy to make & is ready to go in 10 minutes, just add luke warm water! Excellent forImmune support, keeping & maintaining healthy weight, somthing that can be impossible for some horses in the winter, it also contains fennel & mint which not only smells delicious but helps support your horses digestive system, I highly recommend giving it a try, I would definately choose this product over similar feeds such as Pink Mash, with it being half the price an added bonus!

Website: https://www.dodsonandhorrell.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dodsonandhorrell/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dodsonhorrell/?hl=en

7. Head Lamp Beanies

Who in there right mind wants to be walking around the place in the pitch black, well certainly NOTTT me! I have the added possibility of walking into a duck or a goose in the dark so what better invention than the beanie head lamp. A LED bluetooth rechargable beanie at that, and yes the hat can play music. Hitting the nail on the head for an essential winter product! With stockists Holmestead doing great deals on these hats with 2 for €50

Website: http://www.holmesteadsaddlery.com/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holmestead_saddlery/?hl=en

Well Folks, there you have it my top 7 Winter Essentials! I could of added at least 20 more, but I managed to narrow it down. It was extremely hard not to put in the Pot Noodles for those long Winter days up at the yard, what better way to keep you warm though!

Thank you again for reading, if you have any Winter essential that you think I missed out on that is a must let me know in the comments below, 

Happy Winter!


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