Welcome to No Bucking Way, an Irish based equestrian blog. I am an Amateur Showjumper currently moving up the jumping levels here in Ireland. NBW was created to give equestrian a platform to visit to gain an inside track from riding issues to gaining insights on training exercises you can partake at home. As well as the above, it is a safe space for riders of all disciplines to grow together in confidence when it comes to caring and bringing horses up (and sometimes back down!) a level. All the serious stuff also gets matched with fun and crazy antics, this you get to see if you visit our Instagram or TikTok page.

What People Say

“A great Ambassador for the Sport”

“Fun, witty and Honest when it comes to sharing behind the scenes re horse life”

“Great to work with and work alongside when it comes to Equestrian Brands”

E: nobuckingwayblog@gmail.com