Darielle & Dante

Meet Darielle & Dante

I’m Darielle, I’m a 27yr old working mom! I have a 5yr old son Scott at home and a 6yr old horse in a livery yard down the road from where I live! Some people may call me crazy trying to juggle family life with a young horse but I say challenge accepted! I have been riding since I was able to walk, and to say I put my parents through heartache is an understatement! I was forever in and out of hospitals with broken bones, I broke my femur when I was 9, they thought that was the end but no, I never gave up until I discovered boys! Shocker!! Within the last few years I have got back in the saddle, I have been leasing horses the past 2 years & decided it was time I eventually bit the bullet and bought my very own. It took me two weeks of tough decisions & on October 8th 2016, I handed over a wad of cash & met my brand new partner in crime!!

Meet Dante, also known as Frenchfort Lux. He is a big friendly GIANT!! When I bought him he was 16.2hh he now stands at 17.1hh bearing in mind that I am only 5’4″!! He loves attention, if you stop rubbing him he will keep nudging you until you do! He is full of character, he is also quite good at telling you what he thinks, his manners are impeccable. We have had our ups and downs when it comes to riding, a few falls here and there but he is willing to learn and tries his best of what is asked of him.

Follow the blog for updates on the ups & downs as I try to cope with the challenges we throw at each other!