Product Review – Zerofit

We were both kindly gifted some products from the Zerofit range back in November. We have been wearing & testing these products out over the past few months doing equestrian tasks & also wearing them whilst riding.

We have compiled some information about both products we have received, the Zerofit Heatrub Move Baselayer & the Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer. Check out how we got on below.

About ZeroFit

The Zerofit brand is the brain child of Mr Koji Higashi, owner and founder of Eon Sports who are based in Kobe, Japan. An avid golfer, Mr Higashi launched the Zerofit brand in 2005, after he was constantly finding himself being cold while playing golf or doing more active sport such as runnin

Zerofit’s Heatrub products are a new unique style of baselayer which were created and manufactured in Japan. To put it simple, there is no other baselayer in the world made in this way! A traditional baselayer simply seals in body heat, however it does not generate heat. Not only does Heatrub seal in all that important body heat, its instantly warm and most importantly it creates its own heat due to the unique fibres or bristles that are on the underside of the garment.

Recently the brand has expanded into the equestrian world & we were only delighted to test “ride” some of their products!

Heatrub Ultimate Baselayer

The ‘Ultimate Baselayer’ is quite thick in appearance with a fluffy fur lining on the inside. Despite the thickness of the base layer, it still provides plenty of movement whilst being worn.

The heatrub Ultimate uses ‘double-loop’ barrel fabric which provides both heat insulation and ‘friction heating’. The extra-long bristles ensure a layer of warm air is retained around the neck and even a little movement of these bristles causes friction which creates heat and actually warms you up.

Garment Construction: acrylic 68%, nylon 21%, polyester 2%, wool 7% & polyurethane 2%

Our Thoughts: OMG this was so comfortable & cosy to wear I struggled to manage to part with it when I came home from days at the yard. It managed to keep the heat in so much so that this image of me competing on Dante was in the middle of a rain & wind storm & the Ultimate was the only thing I was wearing. I didn’t feel the cold at all in it! I love the fact the the fluffy inside cover you entirely including your neck. The minute you put this on you can feel yourself heat up.

An important thing to remember about this particular product is that its not really designed for wearing while riding. It doesn’t have the breathing effect that you’d want from a baselayer. However this is ideal to have on when if you’re spectating at shows, teaching in this horrific Irish weather or just doing general yard work. This product certainly did not disappoint & did everything it said on the tin!

Heatrub MOVE Baselayer

The Heatrub Move Baselayer performs exceptionally when carrying out vigorous exercise in cold conditions. The unique ‘LABO’ fabric ensures that sweat is quickly removed from next to the skin and placed on the outer shell of the garment.

Heatrub Move has a cooling 2 layer construction which repels moisture from the body to the outer shell fabric where it dries ultra-fast. The MOVE regulates your body temperature keeping you warm and dry.

Our Thoughts: The quality of this product was tremendous. Size wise it was very generous and accurate to the size you would be on the high street, I am a size 10 & the small fit me perfectly whilst not being too snug! In my opinion it is the perfect addition to any equestrian’s wardrobe. In particular I found it amazing when out schooling at venues, or out in the field at home doing some XC. It really helps to shield the wind, almost to the point where you cant feel the cold at all. The high neck is also a super addition, with the Irish weather, anything that keeps the neck warm is a plus!

Sweating whilst riding is common! The MOVE really does a great job with masking this & absorbing it in the fibres of the fabric. The insulation is just super. Another great aspect of the deign is that it doesn’t really fold up or get uncomfortable to wear whilst riding like most baselayers you spend the guts of your time in the pulling them down!

Being honest, I would highly recommend this product for your everyday riding wardrobe staple. Not to mention that it washed extremely well & doesn’t adjust size wise when doing so!

Purchase Information

Both products are available to buy on the Zerofit website from £40. Whilst they are both on the pricier side of your regular baselayer, it is certainly worst the investment.

They are also available to purchase in Ireland from TRI Equestrian and we also spotted them on the shelves in Holmestead Saddlery.

Both products are something we continue to use on a weekly basis, the qaulity is not deteriorating with the amount of washes they have gotten either nor have they shrank which is always a plus in my eyes!

If you have any questions about either of these products, dont hesitate to get in contact or drop us or Zerofit a DM on Instagram.

As always thank you for reading,

Darielle & Orla

Exercise 1 – Flat To The Mat

It has been some time since an exercise has been done here at No Bucking Way. I certainly feel a little rusty especially when it came to planning & thinking out some exciting exercises to set up & try out for you guys.

Don’t you worry though, I have decided to start the year with a lovely flatwork exercise. I struggle sometimes to stay concentrated whilst riding, especially during these dark evenings. I spend most of my time thinking about when I am going to be finished rather than the work I want to focus on with Dante in the arena.

Look no further, I have compiled this lovely exercise for you to try out. Of course as always it comes in sections, so keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know!

The Set Up

For this exercise, you will need 6 poles. See the image below as to how they should be laid out in your arena. If you can, try to keep one side of your arena free so that you have that extra bit of space when it comes to doing certain parts of the exercise.

The distance between the canter poles should be walked out with 10 footsteps between them. This worked well for Dante, but it can also be adjusted to suit your horse or pony by adding in or taking away a footstep.

The Benefits

Sharpens up your transitions

Improves your eye for a stride

Improves your horses balance & suppleness

Improves Flexability

How To Ride This Exercise?

Step 1: As always, we advise that a good warm up is done prior to partaking in any of our exercises. For this exercise I focused a lot on transition work with Dante before we began, also making sure he was moving forward from my leg. As you progress into this exercise you will see that it is all about Transitions in certain parts.

Leg Yielding. Focus on getting 2-3 steps from your horse

Step 2: The Leg Yield. Yes, I said it! I decided to challenge myself as well as you all with this one. I spend the guts of 15 minutes practicing this in walk around the arena on both reins. This really helped to supple & relax Dante before we got into serious business.

If you dont know the aids for leg yielding, see the link below! Dont forget if your horse struggles but manages to get one or two steps always remember to reward your horse! Small wins will give you big wins in the long run.

Steps For riding the perfect Leg Yield

Step 3: Once you have mastered your leg yield, it is then time to start putting some focus on your canter poles. You want your approach to be calm, collected & relaxed. And once you reach pole one you want a smooth canter all the way through until you land after pole 4. Try this a couple of times. Once your happy with how your horse is moving we can then begin to piece everything together.

Piecing your Leg yield & Canter together

Step 4: Lets get Down to business. Now that we have established some key components to our exercise from step 2 & 3, It is finally time to piece everything together. See the image to the left. In this you are putting together your leg yield, your canter & some pole work also.

Remember to sit calm, & really focus on using your legs for your transitions. Begin by leg yielding across the long side of your arena, once you hit the track remember to ride your horse straight & keep them moving forward. Once you reach your corner, in the image where it is marked with the red x, this is your spot for asking your horse up into canter. Continue to canter around your corner and over your single canter pole. This is a 10-15m circle. So sitting up tall as you ride this circle is important, not only to balance yourself, but to keep your horse balanced also.

Step 5: Once you are happy with the above, you are now ready to graduate on to the final & full “Flat to the Mat” exercise. This will incorporate everything, leg yielding, canter poles & your upward transitions. See below an image as to how you should ride it! Remember to sit quiet & remain quiet with your hands over your canter poles. One of my worst habits!

Once you are happy with how your horse is riding this exercise, remember to always leave your horse on a good note.

I found this exercise super productive & really made me focus during my riding sessions. Sometimes when you have a plan in place & pre plan your riding sessions, results really start to show.

Give it a go, & be sure to tag me in any videos you take of you doing this exercise. I unfortunately didn’t get any footage of this one, but I will be sure to take some in future. As for the name of this exercise, dont ask, Thinking of inventive exercise names is a serious down fall of mine!

Keep your eyes peeled, I have a lovely challenging jumping exercise coming up next, not to mention there are loads of poles involved. My favourite!

Until Next Time,


Product Review – Enbarr Tack Cleaner

Hands up if you’re dreadful at cleaning your tack…. well you are not alone, welcome to the gang! We spend so much money purchasing all this fabulous tack from bridles, to saddles to leather boots that we seem to ignore the fact that all the above items do need to be looked after.

Have you ever thought about what you could be doing to look after your tack properly?

Look no further, keep scrolling to get all the answers to your tack cleaning prayers!

About Enbarr

“Enbarr products is built on a solid foundation of understanding our customer, understanding our environment and understanding our products.

Janni the Creator of Enbarr Products

After years of being closely involved in both the equine and the canine industry we identified the immediate need for plastic free options for minding our animals.

Janni Bars was born in a kitchen creating plastic free natural soaps and personal care products. Janni Bars quickly evolved to become a luxury personal care brand, so the pet products needed a new name, hence the birth of Enbarr Products.

Enbarr Products, primarily an “eco” brand, is acutely aware of the need for quality products and quality results. “

Enbarr Leather Soap & Leather Balm

Leather Soap – Lemon & Lavender Leather Soap with added Lanolin

Used for thorough cleansing of leather. This cold-pressed soap contains glycerin, there is also added lanolin which has been used for centuries to soften and protect leather. The added high quality essential oils, Lemon and Lavender, not only give a great scent but help to fend off mold and mildew as well.

Leather Balm – Nourish & shine Leather Balm with Beeswax

Made with carefully selected ingredients, this balm is long-lasting with a beautiful scent and works miracles for your leather. It will condition and nourish your old and new leather. The Beeswax helps to deeply condition and soften the leather, as well as repel water and protect your leather for the future, extending the life-cycle of your leather products. The neutral color does not stain, which makes it suitable for all color of leather.

While both products can be used separately, for even better results we highly recommend using them together. And yes we learned this the hard way! See below a quick step by step guide on how to use your Enbarr Leather soap & balm!

Step 1: Getting your leather soap to start, you simply apply it with a damp sponge all over your saddle/bridle/boots or whatever piece of tack you are cleaning.

Step 2: Wipe free the excess lather & leave to dry. At this point your nose will be blessed with the fabulous lavender scent!

Step 3: Once your soap has dried (this normally takes up to 10/15mins) it is time to apply your Balm

Step 4: With a dry cloth apply your balm all over your tack. Leave it to settle for a few minutes & finish off by buffing it out with a sponge. The results really do speak for themselves!!

The Transformations Pictures

Our Thoughts on The Products

I will start by saying that instructions are on the tin for a reason! I jumped straight in with the balm on the first few tries, while the results were still amazing, using both products in sync makes an even better difference. In the past I have used a lot of different tack cleaners. These products stand out miles ahead of them! Not only is the smell fabulous, but the texture & quality of the items are next to 5 Star quality.

We are all about saving the planet, Enbarr or Janni Bars as most equestrian know them as, are very Eco friendly, they use plastic free containers, and if you keep the empty tin they do refills at reduced cost!

Cost & Purchase Info

They are super affordable in terms of cost price. Each pot costs €14.99. They last a good while also. Both myself & Orla have been using these products (not sparingly either!) the past 5 weeks and we still have more than half a tub left of each product!

They have a dedicated website where you can purchase them from

See below some quick links to each product, as well as a link to a specific cleaning sponge they have available to purchase also.

Enbarr Leather Cleaning Soap

Enbarr Leather Cleaning Balm

Enbarr Sponge

A product that is an essential in any grooming kit. We were thrilled to be part of this collaboration with Enbarr.

As always a massive thank you to Enbarr or Janni Bars as some of you may know the company. Be sure to hit up their website & give them a follow over on their Instagram page.

Whats coming next? Watch this space,

Darielle & Orla

A Survival Guide To Winter Riding – 7 Top Tips

If I had a euro for every time I heard an Equestrian say those dreaded lines, “the evenings are getting darker” or “Im not riding its raining” I would have myself a nice sum of money thats for sure!  Not many of us are fond of the winter weather, but unlike other hobbies us Equestrian put the head down and carry on with things no matter the consequence.

If Dante could mix his own feeds & exercise himself I’d let him at it…. But what if I told you there were a few tricks for some winter riding balance? Like getting the important things done but on a shorter schedule than normal..  

I have put together a list of 7 winter riding survival tips not only to shorten your time out in the cold but to also get some benefits to that dreaded winter riding….   

1. Lunging

When it comes to shortening up your evening in the yard one word comes to mind… LUNGING.

As much as we make ourselves think we want to ride 5 days a week in the Baltic weather conditions, who are we actually kidding? At least once a week I roll up to the yard forcing myself to brave the cold with Dante to only find myself hopping back in the car to go home!

Well this is your easy way out. If it’s just to stretch your horses legs or getting the freshness out of them after a few days off, lunging is simply perfect to implement into your winter riding routines. What better way to see progress than looking at your horse moving from the ground!

2. Variety

Most of us work 4-5 days a week. If you work any less than that and can still afford a horse please do look into giving me a job!! Daylight hours are so precious racing down to the yard on your day off to ride in normal light is a very rare occasion!

Recently I have tried to incorporate a weekly outing for Dante instead of running around the same arena we work in everyday. Why not try make it routine that you go out jumping in a winter league, or why not treat your horse to a walk on the beach?

Get yourself and your horse out of that yard (if you can!) it will only do you and your horse all the better, think of it as prep for all those spring summer shows, your horse will get used to travelling they will begin to enjoy the weekly treat of visiting somewhere new.

Make sure to also make use of every single indoor arena rental there is available to you!! God bless anyone with an indoor arena in this weather, spot the jealous Hun Over here…

3. Re-Evaluate your Training Schedule

There comes a time during the Winter, normally hits mid November when you start to think to yourself, why am I breaking my back trying to keep up with such a hardcore training session for my horse? Take a step back and think to yourself, are you competing regularly? Do U need to be training this hard?

I have decided to take a step back and cut my riding days down to 4 instead of 5. In doing this, I found that I put much more energy into getting good sessions over the 4 days rather than struggle to motivate myself over 5!

Don’t be hard on yourself, some weeks when I only ride twice & lunge twice, some weeks when I ride even less. But during each session I pick on one thing to focus on whether it be transitions on the lunge or having a consistent forward rhythmic canter on both reins whilst riding. These small things will make massive differences when you go to pick up a full routine in the Spring.

4. Make Use of What You Have

By this I don’t mean that you are limited to supplies whether it be wings poles or fillers etc. Who else hates pulling and dragging poles in the cold? GUILTY!

Just the other day I went to ride in the arena, when I arrived there was one pole. One pole laid out and yes I will admit I was way too lazy to get down, set something up and so on. The point in this is that I am pushing you to make do with what you have. Let your imagination run wild. Have fun in your training schedule, push the boundaries! Make winter a time to investigate the hidden talents your horse has!

Here’s a simple pole laid out in the arena, see below the many different exercises I done with it. See what I mean? Open your mind & start getting creative.

5. Give Your Horse A Break

Hands up who loves a winter city break? Well guess what…. if you deserve one, so does your horse. Give your horse a week off, a few days off here and there wont hurt either. Winter should be a time for them to recuperate, refresh & to evaluate what they have done and learned over the summer.

You would be surprised what a few days off can do to clear the head. You will have an eager, willing horse when they comes back into work.

This was taken back in September when rug weren’t needed!

6. Cooling Down your Horse Correctly

Its all fun and games riding that amazing training session, having your horse moving forward & working Fabulously only to realise that when you finish you don’t have the time to wait around for your horse too cool off correctly before rugging. Winter time also comes with the dreaded cooling off time…. never forget to schedule time for “THE SWEAT”!!!

Walking your horse around the arena after you ride helps cool them down quicker, a walker can also do this for you as you run around tidying up your bits! Be sure to put a cooler on your horse while there walking to avoid them getting a chill. When stabling be sure to remove the damp cooler and replace it with your heavy rug or stable rug when your putting your horse away for the night.

7. Dress Accordingly

Don’t be the hero. Or should I say don’t be that idiot roaming around in the next to nothing T-shirt in the -2 degrees frost bitten weather. I will not pity the cold or flu you get because going around not appropriately dressed to the weather is your own fault!!

Wearing my Zerofit Ultimate Base Layer

Grab your thermals, grab your base layers, winter is not pretty!! It’s hello rosy cheeks & numb fingers goooodbye bronzed skin & bingo wings… Wrap up well & look after yourself. Your limited enough when it comes to time in the saddle don’t let getting sick get in the way too! I always have a spare pair of gloves & socks at the yard incase I ever need them, be sure to do the same yourself, its a blessing in disguise!

And there you have it my 7 winter riding survival tips. Have I left out any important go to ones? Be sure to let me know.

We are based in Ireland, the temperate is currently 4degrees, with a non stop mixture rain or winds that are so cold they would cut you in half!

Do let us know your Winter tips in the comments below, I would love to hear about the fun secretive winter tricks you swear by in the winter aswell, the more the merrier!

As always, thanks you for reading & watch yourself in this weather, don’t be out there catching colds, Wrap up warm!!


Ultimate Bucking Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Time, all the dealsss & wine… Yes it has a great ring to it! We have been bending over backwards the last 2 months contacting brands & trying to source the best deals going for you guys our loyal followers. The absolute stress, but it is so worth it when you sit back and watch all your hard work being used as every equestrians bucking gift guide this holiday season.

With it being the season of giving, we have a special Likit gift to giveaway for one of our lucky followers too! All you have to do is head over to our Facebook or Instagram pages (or both for a double entry!) and share the Gift Guide post and we will choose one lucky winner for this amazing likit gift.

Without any further hesitation, lets get this bucking show on the road, scroll down to find out what discounts we have secured for you, what our must haves are for Xmas & more importantly the Black Friday Deals!!

Scroll, Scroll, Scroll & Share!!!

NBW Follower Discounts

Comfort Gut – Emerald Balms

One of Comfurt Gut’s lesser known products is their Emerald Balms. Handmade, this aromatic balm is rich in Avocado oil which is considered excellent for nourishing and moisturising. The essential oils found in Emerald Balm, which were carefully selected, are considered to have antibacterial, antifungal and soothing properties making it ideal for treating cuts, abrasions and scabbed skin. It’s also great as an everyday moisturiser for people who work outdoors.

Emerald Balms can be bought in a tube or in a range of tub sizes. Buy Now from just €14 and make sure to use Code: OFFER to get a special NBW discount!

PC Racewear

A little bit racey, the slogan that just rolls off the tongue! Not only for the horse race enthusiast but this equestrian brand is one of our firm favourites. It has a massive range of variety from hats, waterproofs to soft shell jackets. and with that, yes we have another code for you!

Enjoy 20% off Adult/Childrens Softshell Jackets using code: YESBUCKINGWAY.

To shop follow this link to their website and lets all get #AlittlebitRacey!

Equissentials Dressage

This is a must have for any one obsessed with those matchy mathcy sets. PS of Sweden xmas colours – Atlantic and Violet are an absolute favourite. Their riding tights, specifically the Katinka tights are on our Xmas list, available in colours plum and rose gold (plus a whole range of other colours).

We of course have a special NBW Discount code for you guys to use on the site. Code: Bucking10 for 10% off.

To shop click here, you wont be disappointed!

ZeroFit Baselayers

Our newest and probably one of the most useful products we’ve had the privilege of trying out this year are the ZeroFit Baselayers. Between their two products, the Ultimate and the Move, you are well and truly covered this winter. The heavier Ultimate is perfect for those days where you’re hanging around the yard or at a show for hours whereas the lightweight Move is ideal riding-wear.

These baselayers retail from £40 but you’re in luck as we’ve got another handy code for you to use to buy your very own. Code: NBW01 for 20% off until 2nd December.

Click HERE to shop now – PS. they are very true to size!

NBW Recommends

With such a selection of products on the market these days, we wanted to highlight some of our recommendations from our own collection of tried & tested products.

Georgian Dollar – Sieta Riding Jeans

The perfect gift for any equestrian. Stylish. Comfortable. Fit for purpose. Great quality – what more could you want!? If this doesn’t have you convinced then check out our review of these jeans HERE.

These are available to purchase on Georgian Dollar for £92.


A revolutionary new training aid that not only allows your horse his freedom to stretch and move his neck as required but also relaxes and encourages them into a natural contact.

The ReinRite is a top class training aid used by many top international riders when schooling their horses. Check out our full review of this fantastic product HERE.

Buy yours now for €159 HERE.

Jumpstart Showjumps

A brilliant local producer of top quality showjumps, John O’Toole from Kildare has a massive selection of poles, wings, cross country jumps, cavaletti stands and anything else you may need for your arena at home. With prices starting from €17 for un-painted poles, these are definitely worth a look if you need to expand your collection and if you’re looking for something a little different, John also offers customised orders. Check out our full review HERE.

John takes orders over Facebook or you can call him directly on 086-7337925.

Santa’s SackOur Most Wanted!


Have you ever wanted to be your own physio? Or your very own pain reliever? Well look no further, throw away those hot water bottles Epiony is our new must have product. The Heat Pad has been made from a light weight super soft leatherette fabric combined with heat resistant insulation wadding to trap and reflect the heat back onto the muscles to sooth and relax them.

RRP: £139.99 available to buy from Here.

It is certainly a Christmas Gift I am hoping Orla will leave in my stocking this year…. Hint Hint…..

Le Mieux

What Santa Sack is complete without a few select items from LeMieux? And in even better news they’ve got a fabulous selection of items not just for your horse but also for you! Check them out…

LeMieux Loire Headcollar

A lovely soft halter featuring fleece lining at the poll strap, nose band and cheeks. Buy Here for RRP: £38.95. Available in: Blackcurrant, Grey, Black, Navy, Ice Blue and Peacock

LeMieux Lustre Rug

Smart show rug that has it all.  Incredibly soft faux rabbit fur lining polishes the coat to a perfect lustre, keeping dust to a minimum. Buy Here for RRP: £149.95. Available in: Navy or Burgundy

My LeMieux Madrisa Fleece

A luxurious long sleeved zipped fleece, perfect for layering in cooler weather. Wind and moisture repellent, as well as slightly sweat absorbing make this an ideal garment for the active rider. Buy Now for RRP: £59.95. Available in: Black, Hunter Green and Mulberry

Stocking Fillers

LeMieux Signature Leather Belt
RRP: £29.95

Holmestead Saddlery Pole Holders
RRP: €12.99 – 4 or more €9.99

Black Friday Deals

The Equine Warehouse – 50% off select items online – Click Here

Henry James Saddlery – up to 50% off site wide – Click Here

ComfortGut – Code: BLACK50 – Click Here

PC Racewear – 20% off Softshells – Code: YESBUCKINGWAY – Click Here

ZeroFit Baselayer – 20% off BaseLayers – Code: NBW01 – Click Here

Hardy ETC – 50% off everything on their site – No code – Click Here

Aztec Diamond – 65% off on their site – No code – Click Here

John Whitaker International – Over 50% off on select items – No code – Click Here

Brogini – Over 50% off – No Code – Click Here

Horse Health – No Code – Click Here

Vicky Lambert – Photography – 20% Off Premium Photoshoot – No code – Click Here

Christmas Vouchers

TRI Equestrian – from €10 – Click Here

Abbeyfield Farm – Hacking In Kildare – Click Here

Coach Sue Byrne – Riding Lessons – Contact her through her Facebook or Instagram pages – Click Here for Facebook and Here for Instagram

Hollywood Horse & Pony Trekking – €10 off a 90 minute TrekCall 085 111 7448 Offer ends Sunday! Gift Vouchers also available.

And there you have it folks, our Ultimate Bucking Christmas Gift Guide. With only a month left until Christmas, this is definately going to help those loved ones out at Xmas time for getting you that perfect gift! Dont be shy about tagging them as a hint either…

As always, thank you to every brand who took part & gave their time to us when we reached out, without the weeks of emails I dont know where we would be!

Dont forget to share & tag to be in with a chance to win our Likit! Competition closes Black Friday

As always, thanks for reading,

Darielle & Orla

Product Review – ReinRite

To say I was excited to trial & test out this product was an understatement. Dante is a horse that needs a little extra help to “hold” together, and I the rider am not ashamed to say that I need a bit of back up when it comes to training and excelling Dante to the best of his abilities. Sometimes being a small woman has its difficulties, but my determination seems to over ride all of this when I manage to put my mind to it!

I would like to introduce you to the “ReinRite” Created & made by the Cork Native Timothy O’Keefe. He is the genius behind this fantastic product & from the reviews I have been hearing, I hope he is enjoying the amazing success he is having from this product.

So lets get into some detail, a lot of you were extremely curious about what the ReinRite was, what its benefits were & most importantly where you can buy one! Count yourself lucky, keep scrolling below, I am about to go into a lot of detail explaining the wonders of the famous Reinrite and everything you as an equestrian need to know about it…

What is ReinRite? 

ReinRite is the perfect solution to encourage horses/ponies to adapt a correct outline and to engage their hind quarters. It helps to promote correct muscle development when being worn. It relaxes the horse when being ridden and promotes correct muscle build with less injury.

It is designed to encourage your horse to lower their head whilst working developing correct topline muscles. There is no restriction of movement when you are riding your horse, allowing free flexion for you horse when turning left or right and most importantly it can be used in all paces. It can also be used for jumping, once used correctly.

There are two types of Reinrite’s, one for Race horses & one for sport Horses. Whilst the benefits are the same, the attachment under girth are different for each Reinrite.

How To Apply It To your Horse?

Step 1: Clip the two smaller clips onto your horses bit, one on each ring.

Step 2: Before attaching the individual clip to your girth strap between your horses legs, you can easily adjust the sizing on the ReinRite to suit your horse by simply moving the buckle up or down a hole.

Step 3: Clip to the girth strap & away you go! (with the racehorse reinrite, their is a loop that you slip your girth through)

The roller near the attachment at the bit, this maneuvers side to side, allowing your horse the freedom to bend & flex his head freely. Remember your horse will take a few days to adjust to the outline from wearing the Reinrite. The bungee attached to the girth is elasticated so it gives your horse a lot of stretch. This is also a great aspect to the Reinrite when it comes to jumping your horse.

The Benefits For Horse & Rider

How It helped me, The Rider: The Reinrite has helped me massively. Whilst riding with the Reinrite I was forced to ride Dante into an even contact, this is something I am dreadful at. I really had to work to get him to move from my leg up into my hand. Having this aid on Dante certainly did not mean that I got to sit on him while the training aid done all the work, it basically assisted me in the how I should of been riding Dante all along!

How it benefited Dante: There are many ways in which this product benefited Dante when being ridden. I found it extremely beneficial doing pole work. Dante tends to run or lift his head when he sets his eyes on trot poles/raised poles, but with the reinrite it was encouraging him to carry himself in a lower carriage, working over his back, and in turn showed some super results over poles. I always say, when you see your horse riding with floppy ears that’s when you know they are enjoying their work. In all 3 gaits, I got that flop! As I persistently rode in the Reinrite he became more willing to lower his head carriage each time, with any other training aid I have used in the past there was always a way out for him, or at least he used his strength to get out of doing any work. The Reinrite was a game changer, it completely relaxed Dante, which is not an easy thing to do! Personally, I think this is down to the freedom he has whilst being ridden in this product he still has all the freedom to find and move around whilst carrying himself correctly.

What do I really think? 

There were a number of ways in which this product helped Dante. Before I used to used training aids to correct behavioural problems, for instance if Dante used to continuously shoot off on me or not listen to my leg aids, a set of draw reins were quickly put on him to let him know that that behaviour should not be tolerated.

One of the best benefits to this training aid for me was the muscle memory. Is this a thing for horses as well as humans? I found that whilst riding in this product I would be working on riding Dante forward into the bit or holding him in the canter, once I done these exercises reinrite on I could see massive improvements in the way he was moving almost as if this aid was still on.

Jumping in a reinrite, OMG. Well I will be honest and say at first I was petrified, what if he trips, what if he freaks out & forgets to lift his legs? Only yesterday I bit the bullet & jumped a course of 4 fences, (a cross pole, 2 Verticals & an oxer!) He jumped everything PERFECT!! He was chilled, calm and most importantly he was not rushing. He took every fence in his stride, I was delighted. He is a scopey horse who needs no help when it comes to jumping, But at times he can be one to get sloppy after a fence, so my reinrite will be used in this sense to get his muscles used to relaxing over fences. It will only help build the correct jumping muscle groups!

So my advice to you all, save up your money & get your hands on one of these bad boys! They are certainly well worth the money even though they are a little on the pricier side.

ReinRite for Young HorsesOrla & Cosmo

I used the ReinRite on Cosmo during one of our lunging sessions. I realised I needed to start asking more of Cosmo during these sessions rather than just using them as ways of getting rid of excess energy so with Cosmo never having had any type of gadgets or anything on him before, I thought the ReinRite would be a good place to start. With the ReinRite you can adjust the length so for our first time using it, I was able to keep it long enough to allow him to lift and move his head while the little bit of tension meant he was also encouraged to stretch down and use himself more efficiently. I found it to be a nice soft way of introducing these type of training aids, rather than just putting him straight into anything that was overly restrictive.

The Cost & Where you can purchase?

The cost to purchase a Reinrite is slightly on the higher side of the equestrian market. They are €159.00 to purchase.

They are available to buy from –

 FAQ’s by you our followers

What are the benefits of using it?    

There are a number of benefits for your horse, including, It Relaxes your horse whilst being ridden, It Holds your horse in a correct frame, It Builds your horses topline muscles, It encourages your horse to lower their head carriage whilst being ridden & most importantly it Gives you a happy horse & a horse that is willing to work with you rather than against you!

Do you find any other aid to get the same reaction?

Any of the other training aids I have used, such as draw reins have worked, but have taken a longer amount of time to work properly. Dante used to always find a way out of working with draw reins on, but with the reinrite it encourages your horse to relax in their work as well as correcting the way they carry themselves.

Is it worth the price?    

I know it is on the pricier side. But my honest answer is yes. I had been saving up to buy one until I got in contact with Timmy from Reinrite about a review.

Is it not cruel, restricting his movement?    

It is not cruel at all. But like anything everyone has an opinion on horse training aids. Some people believe in them, whilst other find them to be unnatural or as you mentioned, cruel. Sometimes being a smaller woman with less of a presence on a big horse, you need all the help you can take when it comes to training & training correctly. The Reinrite doesn’t restrict his movement at all, the roller between both bit clips allows full neck movement when being ridden.

Who recommended it/gifted it to you?   

I am a big believer of training aids, especially for big horses that need the extra help. I had been following Reinrite, watching professional / International riders using them and reached out to Timothy to work on a collaboration!

It is worth the money to buy for a young horse that can get stressed in the canter? 

Personally I dont think training aids should be used to get rid of a nervous horse issue. A stressed out young horse in a certain gait will just need that bit more work to establish an even balanced canter. Spend a bit more time bonding with your horse on the ground, so that they can relax & work with you when been ridden. Orla has used this aid on her 4yr old horse, but she has used it on the lunge. I would recommend using the Reinrite on your young horse in the lunge pen first for a few sessions so he/she can learn to relax in the canter with a correct way of carriage before you begin to ride your horse in it.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about the Reinrite. I have really enjoying reviewing this product & continue to use it weekly with Dante to help encourage his way of moving, so far I am seeing amazing results.

A massive thank you to Timmy in Reinrite, it was a pleasure to speak to you & get to know about the massive amounts of work you put into this product (Did I mention that he makes them by hand himself?)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact, or to drop me a PM, Be sure to follow Reinrite over on their Instagram page, this is a product that has gone worldwide & it is so fascinating to follow & learn what different equestrians use & ride with the Reinrite.

Until Next time & as always a Massive thank you for reading,


Product Review – Hartog Lucerne-Mix Digest

Okay guys, to start off I wanted to give full disclosure – when I first started Cosmo on the Lucerne-Mix, I didn’t realise it was the Digest specific mix I had received. While I would have preferred to have put Cosmo on the normal Lucerne-Mix, I can’t deny the changes I’ve seen in him since starting him on the Lucerne-Mix Digest. So now, that that’s out of the way, its time to get on with the review…

What is Hartog Lucerne-Mix Digest?

Lucerne is another name for Alfalfa so the Lucerne-Mix is something that can be substituted for your regular Alfalfa brand. Lucerne-Mix Digest is promoted as a natural solution for avoiding stomach and intestinal problems. Personally, anything natural that can help with stomach issues in horses gets a thumbs up from me as I don’t believe it’s good for horse’s to be on constant supplements to solve those issues.

They specifically recommend this feed for sport horses, horses who suffer with ulcers and other intestinal issues or horses who are sensitive to stressful situations.

What is in Hartog Lucerne-Mix Digest?

The power in the Lucerne-Mix Digest comes from the appropriately named POWERSTART formula which is a special blend of natural micro elements and is combined with acid buffers, prebiotics and yeast cultures – for those of you who are like me and don’t really understand what all that means, these are basically all those good things that horsey tummies like.

All these ingredients help to resolve damage to your horse’s stomach while also providing a protective barrier to support better gut health. Apparently raw Lucerne can be quite bitter so they have also added liquorice along with fruit and vegetables, to make the mix more palatable for your horse.

Another important thing to note is that there is no grain, molasses or other energy-rich sweeteners used in this product so if you decide to swap this into your horse’s diet, keep note of your horse’s energy levels. It may suit them to the ground or they may need something extra for an energy boost. I’ve definitely found Cosmo to become quite sluggish since being on this feed.

How to feed Hartog Lucerne-Mix Digest

After giving the experts in Lucerne some info on Cosmo – his age, height, condition, work load and what he’s currently being fed – they were able to recommend exactly what he should be getting.

Cosmo’s Profile:

  • 16.2hh 4 year old Irish Sport Horse
  • Fed Twice a Day on GAIN Cool n Easy Mix (1 x scoop per feed), Beet Pulp (1 x scoop per feed) and Alfalfa (1 x handful per feed)
  • 3 x Haynets of Haylage per day and roughly 4 hours of grass turnout
  • Ridden 5 days a week – 2 days of hard work and the rest a mix of easy/hacking/field work
  • Good condition but he’s young and still very weak but starting to build muscle

After sending this across to the team, I was given so much information but for the sake of this post, the following is the summarised feedback:

  • I was doing a good job at what I was feeding Cosmo already
  • Horses should be fed 1-1.5kg of dry matter (or roughage) per 100kg, for Cosmo who is roughly 600kg it should be around 6-9kg per day.
  • No big changes to his feed other than to swap out my current alfalfa for the Lucerne-Mix Digest
  • Feed 1kg of the Lucerne-mix a day which measures out to approx. 2 x scoops per meal
  • Roughage is the basis

Feed the Lucerne-mix through the concentrates you give. When you do this your horse has to chew more, also on the concentrates, thanks to this the passage is slower and the nutrients will be better absorbed. Also, thanks to the extra chewing there will also be extra saliva which neutralizes the gastric juices and will prevent health issues.

Hartog Recommends

The Results

I’ve had Cosmo on Lucerne for over a month now and I can absolutely see some differences in him. He’s filled out quite a bit already in some key places such as his shoulders and behind the saddle. He’s also got some really good healthy weight on him now too which he’s been able to maintain with his workload. It’s important to note, that while feeding your horse the correct feed will help them build muscle more efficiently, you won’t see any huge changes unless you’re doing the work and exercising them properly to complement what you’re feeding them.

All in all, even though this wasn’t the feed I had initially intended on giving Cosmo, it has definitely still impressed me with how well it’s kept him. The one thing I’ll say against it is that it does seem to have made him a bit more sluggish but some small adjustments to his other feed should help solve that problem easily.

The Details

Where can you find Lucerne-Mix in Ireland? Holmestead Saddlery are the only place I know of that stock it and are where I got mine. They have a store based in Co. Kildare, Ireland and another store based in Northern Ireland but if you’re not close to either, don’t fear as they also deliver!

Lucerne-Mix costs €19.99 so it is on the pricier side but I got two bags which I’m only now coming to the end of after 6 weeks and bear in mind, in that time I had 2 horses to feed for two and a half of those weeks so it’s lasted very well.

Hopefully I’ve given you all the information you need to decide whether the Lucerne-Mix Digest is the option for your horse or not. If there is anything else you’d like to know, drop us a comment below or you can message us on any of our social channels for more info. Otherwise, the team in Hartog are super friendly and helpful too.

As always, thanks for reading,


Two Simple Pole Exercises for Young Horses

Since buying Cosmo I’ve had to go back and re-hash some old exercises I used to do with Coco but with all the extra experience and knowledge I’ve gained over the years, I’ve also picked up a few new exercises that I think will be very beneficial to Cosmo’s development.

Polework is so important when schooling your youngster but its also important not to overdo it with anything too difficult or overly complicated. So below are two simple polework exercises I’ve done with Cosmo since I bought him.

Straight Line of 5

Probably one of the most basic pole exercises you can do but also one of the most beneficial. A simple straight line of 5 poles is great for working to build your horse’s topline. The extended line of poles encourages them to stretch out and work across their backs and you can create a deeper stretch by lengthening out the poles, even by just half a foot.

To take this exercise to the next level, gradually start raising the poles into low cavalettis, starting with the middle pole. Over time you should be able to get to a point where the middle three poles are raised and then you can begin to raise the height as your horse’s topline develops.

Serpentine of Poles

I found this particular layout very good for a variety of reasons. It’s a simple set up – one set of three trot poles on the diagonal and another set of five trot poles, connected to the first set, on the opposite diagonal.

When setting this up, make sure to place two of the trot poles within the set of five so that they create a funnel into the centre of the set of three. This helps maintain straightness when attempting the set of three. I also like to place the poles slightly further apart on the set of five to encourage Cosmo to stretch down and engage himself over the poles.

The full exercise should be done in a figure of 8 so the key thing to remember is rhythm. You want to maintain a consistent rhythm as you move from one set of poles to the next. It’s also important to remember not to interfere with your horse. When doing these kind of exercises with your youngster you want them to figure poles out for themselves so if they don’t meet the exercise perfectly to begin with, don’t worry, with repetition and a consistent rhythm, they will get the hang of it.

The last thing to focus on is straightness. Young horse’s tend to be quite wiggly with their arses swinging out behind them doing it’s own thing so make sure to do your best to support your horse’s body using your legs to keep him as straight as possible. You won’t always get it bang on but over time they’ll eventually learn.

Check out Cosmo taking on these exercises in our demonstration video below:

These are two very simple exercises that are perfect for introducing any horse to polework. They’re not overly complicated but they’re enough to get them thinking about where they’re putting their feet, and to really get them working across their back. Hopefully you’ll find these as useful as I did!

Thanks for reading,