Dante’s Diaries – Jumping Revisited

The one thing I will commend him on to be fair to him, in between fences he DIDN’T rush!! This in itself was such an achievement, he used to demolish fences but he really began to come back to me when I asked him too.

Dante’s Diaries – Jumping

I think it is more of a case, that I haven’t grasped him yet when it comes to jumping, So with that in mind I thought it was best to get a lesson and finally put everything at ease and get on with what me & him really love to do, JUMP!

A Young Horse in a New Environment ~ Lessons with Coco

For my third lesson with Sue Byrne I decided to mix it up a little bit…I brought Coco to Darielle’s yard. It was our first time doing a schooling session outside of home and it was definitely an experience…

Keeping them Busy & Getting the Stride Right ~ Lessons with Coco

A quick run down of mine and Coco’s second private lesson with Sue Byrne. Here we found a great way of keeping Coco focused and we worked on my ability to read a stride…