Looking for a New Yard? Here’s What You Need to Know

People decide to move yards for any number of reasons, but where do you start once you’ve made your decision?

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How To Keep Your Horse From Lifting His Head Up After He Jumps

be patient! One last thing, don’t worry about knocking of fences, it’s a relaxed rhythm into the fence and the result of them keeping that head down afterwards being the main things to look out for.

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8 Common Jumping Questions Answered by Coach Sue Byrne

When it comes to jumping, we here at No Bucking Way have had our fair share of challenges; between refusals, over-jumping a fence, to problems approaching a fence.

With young horses, not only are you trying to teach them to jump properly but you are also trying to give them the best start in their jumping career while not giving them any bad habits along the way.

Luckily we’ve had our coach Sue Byrne on hand to help us with Coco and Dante so we invited her to share her knowledge and answer some of our jumping questions.

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Working on That Bad Rein

Recently I have started to notice a massive difference in Dante’s left & right rein. One rein was noticeably much stronger than the other. His right rein being his bad rein, he really struggled to do certain exercises, and tended to start running off on that rein…..

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Sustaining Our Confidence – Jumping

Both Orla & I have run into problems jumping both Dante & Coco in the past. We’re definitely making progress but we never stop learning when it comes to these two horses. And we can definitely say without a doubt that our confidence has been tested on a number of occasions when it came to putting these horses over a jump!

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Happy Hacking with Dante & Coco

The last time we went out for a hack together it didn’t go very well so we decided it was time to give it another go. Both horses showed tremendous improvements. Give it a read for the full story!

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