Pain or Behaviourial – What’s Wrong with Coco?

Horses can be such complicated creatures at the best of times. This can make it incredibly difficult to tell if your horse is in pain or just being a pain so making the right decision isn’t always easy…

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Taking it Back a Few Steps…

After our disastrous attempt at schooling in Coilóg I wasn’t too sure what my next steps would be but I am determined to find out what caused her sudden personality change…

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Sustaining My Confidence ~ Coco Edition

In the last year that I’ve had Coco, I’ve really found my confidence to be tested. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of experience riding young, green or difficult horses but that was long before my 2 year break from horse riding while I was in college. I knew once I got back into the swing of things I’d find my confidence again but when I started working with Coco, it definitely got knocked from time to time.

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