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Hands up if you’re dreadful at cleaning your tack…. well you are not alone, welcome to the gang! We spend so much money purchasing all this fabulous tack from bridles, to saddles to leather boots that we seem to ignore the fact that all the above items do need to be looked after.

Have you ever thought about what you could be doing to look after your tack properly?

Look no further, keep scrolling to get all the answers to your tack cleaning prayers!

About Enbarr

“Enbarr products is built on a solid foundation of understanding our customer, understanding our environment and understanding our products.

Janni the Creator of Enbarr Products

After years of being closely involved in both the equine and the canine industry we identified the immediate need for plastic free options for minding our animals.

Janni Bars was born in a kitchen creating plastic free natural soaps and personal care products. Janni Bars quickly evolved to become a luxury personal care brand, so the pet products needed a new name, hence the birth of Enbarr Products.

Enbarr Products, primarily an “eco” brand, is acutely aware of the need for quality products and quality results. “

Enbarr Leather Soap & Leather Balm

Leather Soap – Lemon & Lavender Leather Soap with added Lanolin

Used for thorough cleansing of leather. This cold-pressed soap contains glycerin, there is also added lanolin which has been used for centuries to soften and protect leather. The added high quality essential oils, Lemon and Lavender, not only give a great scent but help to fend off mold and mildew as well.

Leather Balm – Nourish & shine Leather Balm with Beeswax

Made with carefully selected ingredients, this balm is long-lasting with a beautiful scent and works miracles for your leather. It will condition and nourish your old and new leather. The Beeswax helps to deeply condition and soften the leather, as well as repel water and protect your leather for the future, extending the life-cycle of your leather products. The neutral color does not stain, which makes it suitable for all color of leather.

While both products can be used separately, for even better results we highly recommend using them together. And yes we learned this the hard way! See below a quick step by step guide on how to use your Enbarr Leather soap & balm!

Step 1: Getting your leather soap to start, you simply apply it with a damp sponge all over your saddle/bridle/boots or whatever piece of tack you are cleaning.

Step 2: Wipe free the excess lather & leave to dry. At this point your nose will be blessed with the fabulous lavender scent!

Step 3: Once your soap has dried (this normally takes up to 10/15mins) it is time to apply your Balm

Step 4: With a dry cloth apply your balm all over your tack. Leave it to settle for a few minutes & finish off by buffing it out with a sponge. The results really do speak for themselves!!

The Transformations Pictures

Our Thoughts on The Products

I will start by saying that instructions are on the tin for a reason! I jumped straight in with the balm on the first few tries, while the results were still amazing, using both products in sync makes an even better difference. In the past I have used a lot of different tack cleaners. These products stand out miles ahead of them! Not only is the smell fabulous, but the texture & quality of the items are next to 5 Star quality.

We are all about saving the planet, Enbarr or Janni Bars as most equestrian know them as, are very Eco friendly, they use plastic free containers, and if you keep the empty tin they do refills at reduced cost!

Cost & Purchase Info

They are super affordable in terms of cost price. Each pot costs €14.99. They last a good while also. Both myself & Orla have been using these products (not sparingly either!) the past 5 weeks and we still have more than half a tub left of each product!

They have a dedicated website where you can purchase them from

See below some quick links to each product, as well as a link to a specific cleaning sponge they have available to purchase also.

Enbarr Leather Cleaning Soap

Enbarr Leather Cleaning Balm

Enbarr Sponge

A product that is an essential in any grooming kit. We were thrilled to be part of this collaboration with Enbarr.

As always a massive thank you to Enbarr or Janni Bars as some of you may know the company. Be sure to hit up their website & give them a follow over on their Instagram page.

Whats coming next? Watch this space,

Darielle & Orla

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