NoBuckingWay’s Top 10 Equestrian Products & Brands

Here at NoBuckingWay, we’re a strong believer in good, reliable brands and products. Our four-legged children mean the world to us so we appreciate when we finally find that one product or brand that just does the trick. While there’s always going to be those show-stopping brands like Ariat and Tredstep, they don’t always offer the most affordable products on the market. So we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite, good quality products and brands that keep us coming back for more.

Le Mieux

Photo 24-05-2018, 10 26 30 (1)_previewI think it is safe to say that Le Mieux is a most-wanted brand for almost every equestrian out there. Their products are not only easy on the eye but they are top class quality. They offer a massive selection of horse-wear products including; numnahs, saddle pads, rugs, boots, girth sleeves and so much more. I am sure you have spotted Coco & Dante sporting there fair share of Le Mieux products the last while, who can say no to such gorgeous products at such an affordable price!

Buy it at: Le Mieux Products

Turfmasters from TRIPhoto 22-05-2018, 21 39 49_preview

Turfmasters is the ideal brand for riders looking to do things on the cheap. As the official product of TRI, Turfmasters provides a range of products at very affordable prices. Some of our favourite products are the Turfmaster Paddock boot at just €49.95 and the heavyweight outdoor rug that both Coco and Dante have put through its paces. Definitely a reliable brand.

Buy it at: TRI Equestrian

Acavallo Gel & Memory Foam Half Pad

Black Gem MemA new addition to mine (and Coco’s) list of favourite products – the Acavallo Gel & Memory Foam Half Pad. Received as a birthday present, this is one of the best products I own. Coco has always seemed to be a bit sensitive on her back but from the day I started using this half pad, she instantly felt more happy. The non-slip gel provides fantastic absorption while the memory foam cushions the saddle for a perfect fit. On Dante I also have grown fond to his Gel Poll Guard. It does take quite some time to actually insert this onto his bridle but it is worth it, it protects the area in between his ears, and helps with distributing pressure evenly at his poll.

Buy it at: Le Mieux Products

Stirrups – Free Jumps or Flex-Ons?

Let the war of the top two stirrup brands commence! A lot of people have a favourite out of the two, but either way they are an investment 100% worth making regardless of which you choose.

Darielle’s Choice – Flex On StirrupsPhoto 24-05-2018, 10 26 30_preview

These were by far one of the best investments I have ever made. Try riding in a regular stirrup again after these & trust me it just doesn’t feel the same. Personally I love the fact that the Flex on Stirrups have build in grips which help the rider contain good foot position, also with a build in shock absorbing system under the foot of the stirrup not only that but you don’t need to go out and buy specific leathers to match! They also come is some very funky colours too, I have a soft spot for the colour green, but they are available in grey, brown, red, orange & black. 


IMG_7478Orla’s Choice – FreeJumps

My free jump stirrups were one of the best purchases I have ever made. While they are quite..ok VERY expensive, they were absolutely worth it. My two favourite features of this stirrup is the extra wide floor that provides a wider base for your foot offering more stability in the saddle and the metal pins that help to physically keep your foot in place. FreeJump also offer a special stirrup leather to go with these but you can absolutely use these stirrups with normal leathers also.


Buy at: TRI Equestrian


Photo 24-05-2018, 10 26 31 (1)_previewThis is a brand I was recommended by from a friend. I started using it to be honest not really giving it a second thought, but my god was I wrong. I have two absolute favoritePhoto 22-05-2018, 20 36 25_preview products & personally I think everyone should own them. The first one is the Absorbine Horseman’s One Step Leather Cleaner, it lasts for months & is extremely affordable too. Second is the Show sheen mane & Tail Detangler. This product blew my mind, not only did it come with an additional brush, but the product actually worked!! The silky finish to Dante’s tail is literally out of this world, and the knots stayed away for days after the first application. Stock up on this people, it is worth it!! 

Buy it at: TRI Equestrian


The glove of all gloves. I was always a person who would refuse to wear gloves riding,Photo 24-05-2018, 10 26 30 (2)_preview not out of stubbornness more for the fact that half way through my ride my hands just got uncomfortable and felt stiff. Then along came Roeckl. Omg it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all… nothing at all…. They are light, and mould around your hand, at times it feels as if i am not even wearing gloves! I can tell you these gloves are a firm favourite for myself & Orla, we get so much wear out of them they are worth the extra few pound for the comfort levels.

Buy it at: TRI Equestrian



Woof Wear

The Boots!! I mean come on people who can resist the colours let alone the quality. Their Photo 22-05-2018, 21 40 39_previewover reach boots in fact are a firm favourite of mine, such a favourite that I need to invest in another pair I have over worn my first!! (Hint Hint Woof Wear, Dante is a size large!) From their brushing boots which are a big equestrian favourite to their socks, they sure are ticking all the boxes with their products, the colours alone draw me in! 

Buy it at: The Equine Warehouse

Botanica Natural Herbal Cream

This cream is one of the best out there. It can be used for so many things, from Mud rash,Photo 22-05-2018, 20 36 45_preview cuts & grazes or for general skin problems your horse may have. It was a cream I religiously used recently on Dante for one of his sarcoid mishaps not only is the cream extremely versatile, it is affordable, it lasts long & I would highly recommend it. 

Buy it at: TRI Equestrian

Carr & Day & Martin

This Brand is a slight bit more expensive that others, but in my opinion it is definitely Photo 22-05-2018, 21 41 06_previewworth it. My favourite product of choice is their “Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish” body spray. The amount of people who comment on Dante being so silky & soft let alone the shine the product produces on him. It is a non slip no grease product & can also be used in the mane & tail for that extra sparkle. not only that but I bought a bottle of this a year ago and i still have half a bottle left so it is definitely worth the investment!

Buy it at: Holmstead Saddlery


We’re quite confident a number of these products and brands are already on your favourites list but hopefully we’ve highlighted some new products that you never thought of before. We certainly love each and every one of them.

Did we miss out on your favourite brand or product? If so, let us know in the comments and we’ll test it out for ourselves!

Orla & Darielle

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